3 Simple Steps For Promoting Other People’s Products As An Affiliate

3 Simple Steps for Promoting Other People’s Products as An Affiliate

Is it just me, or have you noticed that everyone else promoting the same products you partner with is using the same creative’s?

This is a really powerful way to position the person who created the product in the market.

He loves it when others spread his brand on the Internet while sitting down and picking up the check.

But for you as an affiliate

It brings you huge disadvantages.

Here’s why…

When the marketplace is flooded with advertisements for a particular product, it doesn’t take long for audiences in that market to start ignoring it.

Since everyone else uses the same banners and graphics on their websites and blogs, there is no way you can stand out from the crowd.

The biggest drawback is that it has no relation to the traffic that clicks through your affiliate marketing link.

There are many other disadvantages, but you can make it work in the short term regardless of those disadvantages.

But I have to warn you in advance…

It will take work on your part. Therefore, the first step in associating someone else’s product is to ensure that the content you are creating matches the solution provided by the partner offerings he is promoting.

If the content you create does not adequately take advantage of the main problem that the splash page solves … forget about selling.

Make sure your message fits your market and that the offer you are promoting is what people are looking for in your market. The second step is to make sure that the visitors you send to the merchant’s affiliate marketing link become your subscribers first.

If you direct your visitors to the merchant without subscribing first, you will lose the opportunity to benefit from future product sales.  Third, communicate with your subscribers frequently and become a trusted advisor to them. As you build a relationship over time, you also build credibility and trust, which can lead to much higher profits than any one-time sale could.

The temptation to resell a particular product online simply by creating a website and having a few people visit it is very attractive.

But that mindset is perhaps one of the hardest things to overcome for internet marketing newbies.