How to Start Affiliate Marketing Step-By-Step Guide

How to Start Affiliate Marketing Step-by-Step

1. The first step in getting started in affiliate marketing is finding the niche that best suits your needs. It should be a niche that you are passionate about so that you can easily market related affiliate products and have enough of an audience to be profitable.

2. Once you’ve found a niche that suits your needs, join an affiliate marketing network to sign up with a merchant. The most popular affiliate networks include Clickbank and Commission Junction although sites such as eBay and Amazon may also offer affiliate programs.

3. Set up an affiliate site that will direct users to the merchant`s site. This site can be as simple as a blog in which you publish good content that will draw traffic and encourage leads to click on the link to the merchant`s site and buy their products.

4. Do keyword research. If you have a Google account, you can use their keyword analysis tool to find the best keywords for your niche. Find the ones that are most searched but low competitive as they help your website rank high in search engines and increase the likelihood that web users will click on your link.

5. Use social marketing to attract convertible leads to your site. You can use your Facebook page or Twitter account to drive traffic to your website by establishing yourself as an authority in your niche and then bringing new content to your website with a link that users can click. Once people trust that you know what you are talking about, they are more likely to trust your recommendations and buy the products you suggest.

6. Optimize your content with keywords. Keywords are one of the methods that search engine robots use to determine the relevance of certain content to a user’s search. In addition to publishing articles on your website, you can also submit articles to article directories with integrated affiliate sites. However, if you plan to submit an article to multiple websites, be sure to rotate them to differentiate them, as search engines can penalize you for posting multiple contents.


Now that you know how to get started in affiliate marketing, why not take the first steps to generate a recurring income online through an affiliate marketing training program to learn everything you need to know and then enroll in an affiliate program? With a little diligence, you will soon be generating some nice additional income and, who knows, maybe even making affiliate marketing your main source of income.