10 Content Marketing Trends Everyone Is Talking About

Every year, it seems to bring a new marketing trend, “opportunities” can not miss screaming opportunities to pay attention. If we hope for every movement, we will play a Droper version because there are some trends. However, we are stupid, not stupid to recognize. 

When we start the last chapter of the year 2017, many companies are still working through creating a Bona Fide Content Marketing Strategy. So if you are here, are some suggestions here: Indigenous ads will continue to be the gateway drug to success, and mobile is still a taste every month.  

Intelligent insights reported that content marketing is the most critical technology to promote sales in 2017. In the native advertising industry, some trends are essential, prominent. 

Here are 10 content marketing trends that people talk about. 

1. The brand will continue to invest in the original content;

It has become public knowledge that the huge giant wants to invest 1 billion dollars in the original content. Although some rumours say that Apple makes this step to implement Netflix, we believe it’s more about Apple’s mind than video gas. Brands marrying in the competition in this room will be relevant. Valuable original programming can help companies develop the audience and to keep our current customer satisfaction. Google also buys original content of media and trademark companies to fill content holes while Facebook invests in large capital amounts in the original video. Not outlined, Amazon Online Shopping Amazon will probably be the biggest investor of all. Although the consequences are still visible, one thing is definitely: Content Marketing goes on the eye. 

2. Transparency dominates the kingdom (or queen).

Consumers are increasingly sensitive. We want – and often assume – companies in whole, authentic and return. After all, many consumers report frustration with brand advertising, environmental requirements, charities and business support for various causes. Although such efforts have succeeded in some brands, this type of promotion is increasingly regarded as desperate or dishonest. 

Moving forward, brands must focus on transparency and disclosure to close this distance as much as possible. Enter Marketing people influence. Working with people who can stick. The Federal Trade Committee continues to take action to protect consumers from non-transparent companies, including work with influential people. Take what happened with Machinima. In 2015, FTC Slapping Machinima, a gaming network on YouTube, with a warning that does not reveal authentication to pay the influence of Youtube. 

And that’s the only way away. A fast Google search showed that the lack of disclosure and transparency caused difficulties for many brands. To build and maintain and maintain and maintain the trust of your audience, the next level of marketing effect and brand content should ensure that each part of the content is created as a whole.

3. The content Marketing Budget will continue to increase. 

Worldwide, companies spend a significant amount on content marketing. However, what serves as great news for content marketers also present challenges to companies with a limited employee. It promotes companies’ ability to transfer to free authors, and others can create content. 

4. Content of marketing tasks over themselves overlap. 

Regularly, it is difficult to determine the content of the content in a company. Roles and duties change in marketing divisions and even in other companies. PR and media can not be integrated into the official content group separate content creators, social media managers and other writers. Nobody is responsible. Such a disturbance can lead to a very different content strategy. 

 5.  The Internet of all will accept the content outside the screen 

Which is no longer limited to the screen, as you see the content. Although different content formats have been available for a long time, IoT has led into our lives in entirely new ways. Consider how we are currently interacting with technology, e.g. B. Apple Siri. When the user said, Siri replied with the call content and answered whenever they needed it. Alexa, Amazon’s Voice Service, becomes a digital door to content.  

Many organizations have used Alexa to share content with their audience in addition to laptops, tablets or mobile phones. For example, the US Cardiovascular Association is Alexa to specify details of HLW implementation, including gradual information on the implementation of the process in an emergency situation. This content is further decorated with information about warning signs of stroke and heart attack. 

With IoT, most content becomes digital. Near-based marketing based on Beacon, Sensor, Pairing Device and other features open up opportunities for marketers who invest in endless content interactions.  This highly accurate content can help you approach your audience in the right place and at the right time. 

6. The previously recorded video is … yesterday 

It is not punctual in writing an obit for the first recorded video, but it is overshadowed by live video. According to the buffer, 80 per cent of the surveyed marketing for a 2016 survey would like to create more video content, with 42 per cent of live videos specifying their preferences. 

While the live video actually exploded in 2017, we expected it to become more mainstream in 2018. According to Facebook, users spend three times more time with live video than a video previously received. In addition, they commented 10 times regularly in live videos. A LiveStream survey has confirmed this, with 80% of respondents show hobbies for live videos to read a blog post. This offers modern marketing professionals a unique opportunity to jump directly from competitors in tape wave videos. 

7. Blurred Lines 

Looking at how content has changed over the past decade, you can see that it’s evolving beyond the original “container” of proprietary media. As social media expands and interacts and engages with our customers, the lines of ownership, acquisition and payment begin to blur, making them almost indistinguishable from each other. Content can no longer be limited to these silos. With the entire buyer journey in mind, content moves to take the form of all three methods. This emphasizes the importance of each state that runs smoothly to support the company’s growth strategy. This means that internal and external teams need to be coordinated to handle content development, deployment, and promotion. 

 8. Strategic Document 

Ask a marketing expert about the effectiveness of content marketing. Digital Marketing professionals can get an accurate picture of what makes a gear turn effectively. Companies are focused on developing thoughtful content marketing strategies. 

In 2015, only 32% of marketers had a marketing strategy for documented content. The following year, this ratio increased to 37%. But this year, that number has increased by well over 40%. In 2018, our forecast will be that occupational expectations will be developed to develop effective and efficient strategies. 

What strategies will you include to stay competitive next year? More Targeted Content Expanded Content You may want to consider other factors that can help create more efficient content or promote more remarkable growth. 

 9. Interactive Visual Content 

 Everyone knows that live video is engaging and responsive, but other types of visual content can create an entirely different experience for your viewers. 

Virtual Reality. 

VR content marketing and providing new opportunities for customer engagement. For example, Shopify has created a VR app that allows online shoppers to customize their clothes at home. 

 International Data Corporation reports augmented reality revenues to increase from $ 5 billion in 2016 to over $ 160 billion in 2020 based on sales and forecast models. Digi-Capital’s revenue forecast is similarly optimistic, reporting the following forecast growth rates: $ 180 billion by 2021. 

Virtual reality can seem difficult to see, but it will be worth it to those who use virtual reality. Forbes Global revealed that up to 30% of consumer face-to-face brands will experiment with virtual reality marketing by the end of this year. 

But not just for consumer advertising and marketing. Think about what the Golden State Warriors did when they tried to join Kevin Durant on the team roster. Using VR content marketing, I immersed him in “Warrior” s Experience “and placed him in the Oracle Arena to have a conversation with coach Steve Kerr in the locker room. 

10. Distribution, Distribution, Distribution 

Most marketers are aware of how helpful content can help today’s enterprise, but still uncertain is how content is deployed. There are numerous blogs, newsletters, and email campaigns out there, but you need to deliver optimal content to make sure your message is heard above all else. If you want to grab the attention of 2.789 billion active social media users, you need to adopt a strategic distribution plan. In addition to the acquisition of innovative branded content, we will invest in strategically delivering content through a multi-channel approach as 2018 unfolds.