Small Business Marketing Strategies: Google Business Listing

Marketing for small businesses is all about taking full advantage of opportunities to increase brand awareness. Google Places, Google Maps, and Google Listings are powerful free marketing tools for web exposure. 

Small businesses – especially bricks and mortars, rely on what is found by passing trades. With the increasing use of mobile devices, such as iPhones or other devices, it is essential to get potential customers to see you. Follow these guidelines to optimize your chances of being top Google in local searches. 

Make sure your data is accurate, consistent, and up-to-date. All references to business on the web should be constant. Google often cross-references other data providers. Without consistent data, Google doesn’t trust enough data to get the business to the top. Check for classifications, phone numbers, and address discrepancies from other data providers such as InfoUSA, Yellow Pages, Localizer and Acxiom. The goal is to eradicate all contradictions. To tie your business to a specific area, use local phone numbers whenever possible. 

Claims and Verifications. Apply for a business at GLBC (Google Local Information Center) to appear on Google Maps. Many owners have not yet claimed a business, but taking action in this area can give them a competitive advantage. 

Please clarify the classification. Clearly classify your business. Think about what to enter in a search engine to find a business like you. Think about a product or service. Be specific and do not overlap. Make sure that all data references in your online business clearly show the classification across the web. 

Develop a description of success. Develop a compelling sales-oriented narrative that deals with products and services in less than 200 characters. Add a unique sales offer, and you’ll stand out in successful official competition. Get ahead in the competition with these small business marketing techniques. 

Use images and videos. Google allows up to 10 pictures and 5 videos per business. Adding photos and videos can attract the attention of potential customers and provide a visual indication of your position in the market. Show your logo and the Trade Association logo. Also, please display the image of the brand or product you supply. Shows the idea of the building to be admitted in transit trade. Upload your ad. 

Please use the coupon. Google Maps does not have a trace function. You can fill in the blanks by adding a coupon. Also, do you provide your customers with a reason to buy a product or service at a discounted price? 

Use the web directory. Suppose you spend your time and effort adding your business to the same directory as InfoUSA and Yellow Pages. In that case, Google will reward your business for better search visibility. Find more references from Google (remember the consistency here). Record Google, and people will trust your business more. 

Encourage reviews. References for your business are essential for Google to rank you. It provides clear guidance on how to encourage and review good customer reviews. You can request business cards, invoices and receipts. 

Google Maps and a list of companies can actually bring your business into a niche, as long as it’s optimized for Google. By providing the idea of ​​the list and a little additional support, you can build your business and income through the marketing techniques of your small business.