Is Hanging Out on Facebook a Good Way to Spend Your Time?

Is Hanging Out on Facebook a best Way to Spend Your Time?

With the advent of technology, we will assume that everyone’s education will become easier. Sites like DuoLingo and others that can help us in education continue to emerge. Not only that, but secondary education has become easier and easier. However, the question we need to ask ourselves here is, is Facebook asking us to hesitate, or can we still effectively learn and improve our university education?

The answer to this question is not as simple as yes or no. It all depends on the individual, their interests and their social skills. Some people may be addicted to games, others use Facebook to build business relationships and invest time in creating the future for themselves.

For me, Facebook is a very positive and productive pastime. There are several reasons for this. Including

  • I’m not addicted to Facebook. I could spend ten minutes here or there watching what my friends are saying and building relationships and networks with other business people. I also manage some pages, but I don’t even have to go to Facebook to manage my pages. I can do this through HootSuite (outside of Facebook).
  • I’m regaining my old feelings. A lot of my old classmates got personal information through Facebook, and some people use it more than others. Facebook allows me to see what they are doing today so I can share experiences and stories from years ago with my friends. I left school in 1993.
  • I can make new friends and develop new relationships with different people around the world who may be interested in working with me.

 The cons of Facebook using are

  • Facebook games can be addicting and thus can be a waste of time. Some games will even use up your balance by costing you something on your debit or credit card. There is a story that a child found his parents’ credit cards, used them to buy game currency and assets, and used the card to pay 3000 pounds. As you can imagine, parents were surprised to find that their money was spent like this.
  • Cyberbullying and rumours spread widely on Facebook. This is a new way to make your acquaintances live like hell. Children especially use cyberbullying to control their peers.

The occupied time depends on the person. Some people can spend ten minutes a day on Facebook while others can spend a few hours or more a day.