Six Rules of Facebook Etiquette

6 Rules of Facebook Etiquette

I love connecting with friends, family and colleagues on Facebook, but sometimes you ask if everyone has forgotten good basic ways just because Facebook has a bit of anonymity. I’m not even talking about political publications, they are a totally different scenario, and it would take more than five rules. No, I’m talking about Day today’s Facebook publications. They probably share too sometimes on my personal page and not enough on my company page, but in any case, I try to follow the basic aspects. (Note: just because it’s on your personal place and didn’t make friends with customers, it doesn’t mean you can’t see it or don’t listen to it. Remember the six degrees of Kevin bacon).

Rule 1

Communicate as yourself speaking in person. If you are asking for advice, help them; if you are sharing some information, don’t start telling them as it would do differently or what they have done has been wrong. The possibilities are, they thought of any scenario you can share or request their advice. Occasionally, a “girl Atta” or “Go Get” is the most useful. Don’t be a buzzkill or, otherwise, share your thoughts through a DM if you really feel like you have relevant information they need absolutely.

Rule 2

Check any connection on a corporate page and discover all the information you may need. Do not continue to send messages for each small detail. Only a lot of information can enter a publication, and the link is to provide everything you need to know. Only then should you send a message.

Rule 3

Constantly monitors your page if you are in business. We live in a company 24 hours a day and, even if it is possible that we don’t like it, so it is the way the business is done. For most customers, customers do not deliberately annoy it after hours, and it is not even necessary to respond until the next business day. Still, you should know that it has a message if it is an emergency. Never over 24 hours to respond to an application, even if it is to say that you will need a little more to get the information.

Rule 4

Smile! No, I don’t intend to put an emoticon or lol in all your messages. Sometimes, “Hahaha” are single snarky. When we did the telephone workout, putting a smile in your voice was always the first thing we taught. The same is true with Facebook publications. Publish as if you were smiling and the chances that this tone will come.

Rule 5

On Facebook is inviting people to their lives, at home and sharing their friends and family. Just because you know my name somewhere or you are a friend of my second cousin’s boyfriend, you don’t give you my friend if you want to build a relationship with me, “as” my activity page and do a little interacting there.

Rule 6

Never, never, never, never won’t ever be rude to someone on Facebook. Not only do you see badly, even if you’re right, but all of you are also friends can see it. On your personal page, if you publish it, you must be prepared for different opinions and different points of view. Personally, I was not involved in this type of discussion. No one wins. If you have a company page and someone publishes something ugly, sorry, sorry, sorry and look what you can do. Try to bring the discussion offline as soon as possible.