Excellent Tips to Improve the Performance of your Magento Store

Magento is one of the principal open-source eCommerce platforms. As a result, the vast majority of the retailers build a great e-commerce website utilizing excellent features of the Magento store, features like an adaptable shopping cart system, content management technology, and SEO optimization to grow their online business. 


Follow these tips below to accelerate Magento and keep it running to ensure return sales and shoppers.


1. Latest Version

Always check for the latest updates of Magento. Update it to the latest version if any update is available. Updates consistently roll out with some new features, improved performance, and bug fixes. Launch updates on your website during the minimal traffic on your website or night hours to forestall any technical glitch or confusion. Always backup your data before running any update. Updating is essential to maintaining your store.


2. Enabling flat catalogue

Magento uses the EAV model to save data on customers and products. Enabling the flat catalogue for products and categories joins product data into one table, hence improving performance by responding to MySQL queries faster. If your Magento eCommerce store consists of more than 1000 products, this can be helpful.


3. Caching Magento

The Magento caching helps with enhancing the performance of an average Magento store, explore to the System > Cache Management, select the needed things, set “Enable” from the Action dropdown, and afterwards hit “Submit” button.

The preferred cache setting for great results is APC + Varnish + NGINX + Memcache.


4. Content delivery network

Computing a CDN(content delivery network) with Magento is perhaps the most effortless procedure to seeing decreased load times. It will assure you are serving your assets (images, JavaScript, CSS) from numerous areas worldwide, so they are delivered quickly to your customers.


5. Optimize Images and videos

Media elements are essential to the success of any online store. So utilizing excellent images and videos is an exceptional method of attaching visually satisfying elements to your store. Applying the optimum size of an image is necessary for frictionless performance. Extensive images affect the performance of a site, especially the pages that are densely loaded with pictures. 

Appropriating a CDN to serve the images is a practical methodology. This allows the loading of images from a secondary server and limits the excessive load on your server during page loading.


6. Update Anti-Virus 

For all credible security measures, you should consistently keep your antivirus updated. Therefore, hackers can be restricted from spreading the virus to your site and hacking it.


7. Disable the Unused 

Your Magento site’s security and speed are threatened when many features run alongside. As you would prefer not to harm your website, you have to disable whatever features are added to your site. However, you are currently not being utilized. This will upgrade the speed and performance of your website.


8. Use Powerful Hosting Plans

Choosing a high-speed and reliable web host can be one of the most vital decisions you make when improving Magento’s performance. We recommend avoiding cheap shared hosting as they will, in general, overcrowd their servers, and consequently, you will wind up sharing resources between several individuals who can rigorously dampen the functionality of your resource-heavy Magento store. Instead, when you have an immense inventory of products, phenomenal resources, and a fantastic store, out of which you can earn millions, why not put in a few more bucks to get a reliable hosting plan.



There are numerous ways to improve the performance of your Magento Store. From implementing caching to CDN, enabling flat catalogue, image optimization. Having a good web host is also important. These simple but essential tips guarantee that your Magento powered store gains reputation, revenue, and customer base.