5 Benefits of Using Dedicated Server Hosting

5 Benefits of Using Dedicated Server Hosting

Are you unable to manage the current traffic on your e-commerce site? Or do you expect significant traffic to your website once it’s up and running? The dedicated server is the comprehensive solution you are looking for. When you rent a dedicated hosting, you have the privilege of having a complete server just for your business. You have several options that you can play with, including hosting more than one website. This article will walk you through the top five benefits of having a dedicated server.

High Security

You are the sole user of the server, which gives you the advantage of taking an active role in configuring the security of the server. Shared servers often face hacking issues due to a large number of web-hosted in the same area. Other than that, as the sole user of the resources, you can avoid problems with malware and shared viruses. You can opt for fully managed hosting to make sure your server security is checked regularly, and security patches are installed regularly.

Reliability and performance redefined

That makes a dedicated server worth every penny. You can use the full bandwidth, i.e., the website will run smoothly and be equipped to handle high traffic efficiently. The speed of transactions and page loading will be faster, which will improve the usability of the website. Most importantly, you will enjoy consistent uptime and better overall performance. If you have any problems, technical support is available 24 hours by phone and email to resolve your server problems as soon as possible. For this reason, dedicated hosting is highly recommended for large companies that host more than one website and handle a lot of traffic.

Better flexibility

Access to a shared server is limited because several website owners share it. Dedicated web hosting gives you the highest level of hosting and server access. You can configure the parameters and functions based on the needs of your business, the traffic flow, and the content involved. You can hire your developers and engineers to perform these functions or go for fully managed hosting. In a fully managed version, the hosting company takes over the implementation of the configuration when your business parameters change. This way, you can avoid the overhead of hiring professionals to manage your server.

Customisable in all aspects

As your business grows, your traffic inevitably increases, and you require more bandwidth and storage space. As the sole owner of the dedicated server, nothing prevents you from updating your server to a new configuration. This way, you stay on the same server and adapt your settings, so you don’t have to switch between servers over and over again.

Special rights

Exclusive ownership implies the right to launch private applications and permissions to configure applications according to your needs. This is not possible on a shared server as access is restricted for each website owner to avoid resource issues.